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CRIWARE describes the technology we build. From the products to the services provided by CRI Middleware Co., Ltd. The goal of the CRIWARE brand is to convey the high-level of quality built into all our products, the quick pace of our development teams, and the overall cost/performance ratios that can be expected when a customer uses our products.

CRIWARE Have you ever come across CRIWARE before?

The number of consumer game titles, arcade game titles along with other embedded systems that have been developed using CRIWARE currently exceeds 1,700 on a global scale (as of October 2008.) These results are testament to the high-quality and easy implementation of CRIWARE. All hardware that our middleware resides on is first researched and examined thoroughly and then our tools are optimized for it; Fine tuned to guarantee that the highest levels of quality and performance can be provided to our customers. The CRIWARE logo is based on a television screen and a speaker. These symbols represent the areas that CRI excels in; audio and video. The reason why the television screen and speakers are depicted in white is to represent them as being in a standby mode, waiting patiently for the creators to fill in the color they desire. The dark blue represents our never-ending quest for high-quality and technology, as well as our dedication to repaying the trust shown in us by our customers. The soft and gentle curves have been incorporated to express the flexibility and functionality of middleware.


CRIWARE provides a wide range of advantages for the end user of consumer products. Some examples of these advantages include improving overall product quality, the ability to create new effects and functions, and reducing the latency of streaming data. These elements maximize the user experience and help us contribute to increasing the satisfaction level of our customers. CRIWARE also helps reduce development costs and manufacturing costs. The result of this is that we are able to provide our customers with products that the end user can acquire at retail prices. The benefits of CRIWARE consequently provide powerful solutions that establish a win-win-win relationship between: CRI, our customers (contents development companies) and the end user.

* See Products for the full CRIWARE lineup.
* See Introductory Example for examples of the titles that use CRIWARE.

Target CRI Integration Platforms

CRI can be integrated into a wide range of target platforms. * Feel free to also contact us with inquiries about platforms other than the following.

  • PlayStation®4
  • Xbox One®
  • PlayStation®Vita
  • Wii®
  • PlayStation®3
  • Xbox360™
  • PlayStation®2
  • PSP®
  • Xbox®
  • iPhone/iPad
  • PC
  • Arcade game consoles
  • Amusement consoles
  • Embedded systems for video and audio usage
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